The right music for each dance

Without music, you can’t dance! But it is also important that for each dance there is specific music. Interactive-Music specialises in unique Fitness CDs for all dance genres: from traditional ballroom dancing, through Latin Music, such as Salsa Music, to all types of Aerobic Music, such as Step Music and music for Body Toning.

The best 32-beat count music for each workout

An aerobics training session always contains a build-up of exercises that are performed with the right side of the body in 32 beats. This block of 32-is repeated for the left side of the body. Our Fitness Music is specially arranged so that you can easily recognise the typical 32-beat blocks. The last 8 beats of a 32-beat count even contain accents with cymbals, so that you as teacher don’t have to concentrate so much at the start of a musical structure. When you hear the CYM support, you can announce the new exercise combination: five, six, seven, eight …

And for each dance, the right rhythm

If you are a teacher of ballroom dancing, you will probably require a different type of dance music. Interactive-Music has something for everyone. Whether you give lessons in Latin-American dance or traditional ballroom dancing, Fitnesstools also offers a wide choice: boom-boom-boom for the Rumba, cha-cha-cha, ¾ for a waltz, … ask and we will deliver!

If you have any doubts about the compilation of the dance music on our CDs, no problem. With a simple mouse-click on our range, you can hear a sample of each number.

Interactive-Music has thought of everything, because dance music is our business!

Why choose interactive music

With more then 16 year experience interactive-music is your  partner by excellence for 32-count phrased fitness music

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